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How to Apply & Remove

Find tutorial videos here.

How to Apply Nail Strips:

1. Start with clean hands. Use an alcohol wipe to clean off excess dirt and oil, so the strips stick better. We recommend applying a base coat. We love OPI Nail Envy.
2. Choose the right size strip for your nail.
3. Remove the clear plastic cover.
4. Peel the nail from the backing. Try not to touch the adhesive to anything before applying, however the adhesive does allow you to re-stick on your nail to find the perfect fit.
5. Align bottom of wrap just above your cuticle. Use a circular motion to press and smooth the strip into place.
6. File off excess with a downward motion. Gently pull off excess.
7. Apply a top coat. We love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel or a clear UV gel. Re-apply a top coat as needed during wear.



      How to Remove Nail Strips:

      Since our nail strips are made from nail polish, they can be removed with nail polish remover - just like nail polish! Use a cotton ball with nail polish remover and hold on strip to let it work. Then, wipe/twist to remove. 

      OR use our Favorite Removal Method...

      You need:
      ✅Cuticle pusher (those wooden sticks that come with your orders work perfectly)
      ✅Nail polish remover
      1️⃣ Dip cuticle pusher tip in polish remover.
      2️⃣ Start lifting edge of strip.
      3️⃣ Slide cuticle pusher back & forth under strip.
      4️⃣ Keep re-wetting cuticle pusher.
      5️⃣ Wipe off any excess stickiness. (This method leaves hardly any behind 😉)


      If you have any questions or are experience issues applying or removing, please reach out to us!