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How Rewards Work

Honey Points Rewards Program

Sign upEarn Rewards


How do I sign up for rewards?

Create an account and login, then click the pink present that says “rewards” in the lower right corner. Or click here.

How do I earn rewards?

Earn points by competing tasks, making purchases, and referring friends!

What are referrals?

Go to your rewards account and under referral, you will find your unique referral link to share with friends. When your friend orders through this link, you will receive $5 in points and your friend will also receive $5 off their first order!

How do I redeem my rewards?

Click on Your Rewards, then click on the rewards you want to redeem. A discount code will be displayed. Copy and paste the code into the Discount Code box in your order. 100 honey points = $1 off your order.

Using your rewards discount code:

Your reward discount code cannot be used with another discount code or sale discount. However, it can be used with items that are marked down on the website.

Your discount code reward is not “claimed/depleted” until your purchase is made.

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